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  • enroll into a certificate program
  • take online courses for a degree
  • get a new laptop for online study
  • travel to attend a campus seminar

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Turn to private student loans to help fund your continuing education. You can get your money in as little as 5 business days.

The SayStudent Private Continuing Education Loan is designed to help students attending school on a continuing basis. You can borrow up to $45,000 and make no payments until after you graduate or leave school: see footnotes below


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College Money Steps
  Step 1:
apply conveniently online or by phone — use tally sheet to keep track

You can save your application to come back anytime to complete.
  Step 2:
if you need a co-signer for getting approved, start the application to enter your information. Then save it.

Invite your co-signer to retrieve the application to submit their information.
  Step 3:
you will receive a preliminary approval instantly upon submission of your completed application.
  Step 4:
once you receive your credit agreement by email — you can esign it electronically or print and fax back the agreement at the number provided
  Step 5:
final document review conducted and funds disbursement date is scheduled
  Step 6:
private student loan proceeds are disbursed directly to you and your cosigner.
  Step 7:
use our budgeting tips to manage your money wisely

SayStudent Loans
Financing a Better Future
Why Private
Student Loans

When it comes to college financing, often the sticker price is one thing, but the actual cost of education is something different.

Depending on the aid offered, students can expect to receive anywhere from a full scholarship to not being offered any financial assistance. In most cases the cost of education lies somewhere in the middle once family income, assets, and other factors have been taken into account.

The amount remaining after financial aid has been factored in is what must be paid to the school, an amount that can vary each academic year. This gap is what often prompts families to apply for private student loans.

Private student loans can close the gap and help students and families pay for college. Private student loans have several advantages to them including:

  • Quick approval process:
    In as little as five business days, a loan approval can be given with the funds made available directly to the student. With government student loans, processing is completed through the college.
  • More money:
    Usually, you can borrow more money privately than you can receive through government sources. The loan amount is usually capped at $45,000 annually.
  • More options:
    Students can use private student loans to pay for a laptop computer and other education-related expenses.
  • No government forms:
    A private student loan is just that – an agreement between you and a private lender. No government paperwork is filed because the funding is strictly private.


Private Student Loan Benefits

  • funding in as few as 5 business days from receipt of completed application — that's fast!

  • private student loan funds are disbursed directly to you and your cosigner, not the school — puts you in control!

  • get a $300 graduate reimbursement -(3) on each loan when you graduate

  • pay zero origination fees -(4)

  • easy, no hassle application — submit online

  • ask about the rate reduction incentive -(5) benefit available to students — up to 0.50%

  • get your parent or another creditworthy adult to co-sign the private student loan application to improve your loan qualifications — cosigner release benefit — more information -(6)

Private Student Loan Limits

  • borrow annually up to $45,000 1

  • use the private student loan to pay tuition, room and board, books, computer, studying abroad, travel home, and even past due balances: click to view college costs

  • loan amounts are not tied to any federal or college limits — no federal forms required

Private Student Loan Advantages

  • no application fees or other out-of-pocket fees

  • no origination fees

  • preliminary approval instantly if applying online

  • competitive interest rates and generous loan amounts: see rates

  • repayment may be deferred until after you graduate or cease to be enrolled at least half-time

  • take up to 25 years to repay your loan

  • no prepayment penalty with a SayStudent private student loan

Private Student Loan Eligibility

  • must be of legal age enrolled in a degree or certificate program at an approved school 7

  • you must be attending at least half-time as defined by your school

  • proof of enrollment will be required

Repayment Options

  • immediate repayment:
    immediate repayment of principal and interest payments begin 45 days after the last funds disbursement.

  • interest-only payments:
    interest only payments while enrolled in school at least half-time. Interest payments begin 45 days after the last funds disbursement.

    Repayment of principal and interest begins 6 months after graduation or if enrollment falls below half-time.

  • deferred principal & interest repayments:
    deferred principal and interest for up to 4 consecutive years (5 years if enrolled in a five year program) after the last funds disbursement while the student is continuously enrolled in school.

    Repayment of principal and interest begins 6 months after graduation or if enrollment falls below half-time.

  • repayment period:
    take up to 25 years to repay — minimum monthly payment as low as $50: see rate example

    favorable repayment terms - no pre-payment penalties
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