Private Student Loan Benefits

The SayStudent Private Student Loan offers many benefits

Quick Processing

  • when you need the money fast —
    the SayStudent private student loan can be funded in as little as 5 business days after your loan has been certified by your school.

  • you control the money —
    private student loan funds are disbursed directly to you or your school financial aid account. Use the money to pay tuition, room and board, books, a computer for classroom assignments, and other education related expenses.

  • easy, no hassle application —
    you can submit your private student loan request online to get an instant preliminary approval.

    There are no application fees or other out-of-pocket costs to get this loan. You can expect an anwser instantly.

Three Great "Savings" Benefits

  • get an automatic 0.25% rate reduction —
    a 0.25% percentage point interest rate reduction is available for automatic debit 2

  • get another automatic 0.25% rate reduction —
    a 0.25% percentage point interest rate reduction is available if the borrower provides a valid e-mail address and elects to receive all servicing communications via e-mail 3

  • avoid capitalized interest —
    designed to help shorten the amount of time it takes to pay off the loan, the Smart Option Student Loan requires interest-only payments while in school and during the six-month separation period to avoid capitalized interest.

    Other loan programs have you pay nothing until after you graduate. The problem is that these interest charge interest during this time and add it to your loan monthly or quarterly. You will then be paying interest on your interest. That adds to your loan amount - which can cost you plenty by the time you graduate.


College Money Steps
  Step 1:
apply conveniently online or by phone — use tally sheet to keep track

You can save your application to come back anytime to complete.
  Step 2:
if you need a co-signer for getting approved, start the application to enter your information. Then save it.

Invite your co-signer to retrieve the application to submit their information.
  Step 3:
you will receive a preliminary approval instantly upon submission of your completed application.
  Step 4:
you can then esign your application and have it sent electronically to your school for certification
  Step 5:
upon school certification, final document review conducted and funds disbursement date is scheduled
  Step 6:
private student loan proceeds are disbursed directly to you or your school.
  Step 7:
use our budgeting tips to manage your money wisely

SayStudent Loans
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Generous Loan Amounts

  • borrow enough to cover your costs —
    you can borrow annually up to the cost of education 1

    There are plenty of funds to get you going in school without worrying about money.

  • private student loan amounts not tied to federal limits —
    you can borrow up to the full cost of education. So it doesn't matter how much aid you have previously received or expect to receive from the federal government or college.

Great Private Student Loan Deals

  • co-signer release:
    since many first-time students will need a co-signer such as a parent or another, you can request a co-signer release when you submit your private student application.

    Then after meeting certain qualifications, the co-signer can be released from the loan agreement.

SayStudent Loans
Financing a Better Future